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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Farm Animals Quiet Book Page

On our little farm, spring means lots of new baby animals. I wanted to reflect that in the spring quiet book, too. I came up with this little sunset farm scene and tried out some different applique techniques. I hand embroidered the fence and some details, then sewed on the barn.

The barn doors are held shut with a round button and a loop of narrow elastic. Inside the barn are some "animal pens" made of little pockets. Those store tiny animals that I cut from a fat quarter print fused to backing fabric. (I also used them to make memory cards in THIS book.)

I was going to make felt animals, but this was easier and faster. They are cute and she has fun with them.

The top of the barn has yellow ribbon "straw" and the roof is made of white grosgrain ribbon.

I was going to add even more details, like a mud pit for the pig, but I stopped myself because I wanted to finish the book.

I can't believe these are the first farm pages I have done! 

You can see the rest of the spring quiet book pages by clicking on the image below:

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Umbrella and Flowers Quiet Book Pages

One of the first ideas I had for a spring themed quiet book page was to make an umbrella with sliding bead raindrops. That grew into the April showers bring May flowers pages.

I had some gray bias tape on hand, but I had to buy a big bag of clear beads just for the few that I needed.

I appliqued a yellow umbrella with the machine, but the handle is hand embroidered with a satin stitch. 

Those little duck buttons were just so cute that I couldn't resist!

"April showers..." (wish I hadn't capitalized 'showers') was hand embroidered on a strip of aqua on the bottom. The tricky part was trying to match up "bring May flowers." It isn't perfect, but close enough. 

Oh, and those little ladybug buttons were also irresistibly cute!

Under the buttons is a flowerpot appliqued with a machine blanket stitch. I wanted to do something different from the usual ric rac stem flowers I have made HERE and HERE and HERE

One side of the flowers is from a Vintage Modern print...

...and the other is various scraps, including one from my great-grandmother's fabric and my daughter's first birthday outfit.

I like seeing all the little scraps of past projects in these quiet books.

You can see the rest of the pages for this quiet book as they are posted by clicking on the image below.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Spring Quiet Book ~ Cover

Yes, I know it is July.

Better late than never.

So, since it is now summer and we are in a heat advisory this morning, I have been finally getting pictures of this quiet book ready to post while hiding in the AC. However, I realized that the spring book is much more detailed than the winter quiet book and resulted in a crazy amount of pictures. Rather than overload one big post, I am going to split it up and do two pages at a time over the next week or two. Today, you are just getting to see the outside.

The color scheme I chose for this book included aqua, pink, gray, yellow, spring green, red, navy, and white. I pulled out all of the scraps that I had with those colors and put them in a tote as I was working on this project. That way, I didn't rip apart my entire sewing area looking for a tiny scrap of fabric each time I wanted to sew something. It includes some designer Vintage Modern and Scrumptious by Bonnie & Camille as well as vintage fabrics and fabrics from Joann's and Walmart as well. As long as it matched, it went in the bag.

I tried some thread applique in this book. I originally planned on putting rain boots on the cover, but my daughter kept calling it the "birdie book" (you will see why later) so I put these cute little birds on the cover instead. (The yellow is from THIS dress and the pink from THIS apron.) I added some trim and buttons for more detail. I also added a velcro closure as that has been very handy with the winter quiet book.

The back cover is made of Vintage Modern fabrics leftover from THIS quilt and THIS diaper bag. I also added some cute trim between the last page and back cover. I think I might try do do a book with trims on every page edge sometime!

The binding is a navy and aqua quatrefoil that I applied like quilt binding, tucking the ends in.

When they are posted, I will put all of the posts on a separate page you can access by clicking on the image below:

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Finish-A-Long Goals Q3

Well, I got a big jump on finishing things last quarter... and then life happened. We got busy.

Now it is summer and soon it will be harvest time for the garden. So, things don't look like they are going to slow down anytime soon.

But, here is my list anyway. I don't know how much I can actually accomplish in the next three months, but I will try my best.

1. Spring Quiet Book- Yes, I am aware that it is now mid-July.

2. My Nephew's Baby Quilt- He just turned 2. I have to hurry because soon he won't be the baby anymore and I will have another quilt to make.

3. Doll Bedding- Actually, this is a good one to do this summer while she is home from school. I actually forgot about it until I started this post.

4. Doll Dresses- These won't take that long. I just need to find the time and motivation to actually do it!

5. Drawstring Bags - Again. Not hard. Just need to set aside the time to finish them.

6. Easter Dresses- Yes, I am aware it is now mid-July. I have just one more to go!

7. Scrappy Quilts- I made a lot of progress and then it got pushed aside.

9. More Scrap Quilts- I found more buried in my sewing table. I even finished sewing the tops and basted!

10. And Even More Scrap Quilts- I started these sooooo long ago.

11.Peasant Dresses- I am unsure if we are making these to send overseas this year, but I can always finish them for next year!

11. Hannah's Quilt- I wanted to baste it, but found out my backing isn't big enough. Now I have to figure something else out. Ugh.

So, that is my embarrassing list. I hope I can find time to finish a few of them. I really don't like the guilt that accompanies my uncompleted projects. I am so thankful for the Finish-A-Long hosts for giving me the extra motivation!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Ombre Dyed July 4th Skirts

I haven't been sewing lately, but I have had this idea in my head for awhile to make ombre dyed skirts for the girls and July 4th was as good of a reason as any to try it out. I had some knit in a tote that was given to me about 9 years ago (back when I was still scared of sewing with anything but quilting cotton). So, this project only cost me about $3 for the dye and only took a little bit of time.

I let the girls choose what they wanted. Two wanted maxi skirts and two wanted high-low circle skirts. The youngest got what was left over. The maxi skirts were constructed very similarly to THIS tutorial, but I made a waistband measuring their waist size by 6 1/2" (which is folded in half) instead of a fold over yoga waistband. The circle skirts were cut the same as THIS tutorial, but sewn to a waistband made the same way as the maxi skirts. The smallest skirt was just a gathered piece of what was left sewn to a waistband (which I made too big - poor girl was losing her skirt at the picnic!) Always make the waistband a little on the small side so that it stays up! 

I timed myself on one of the skirts and it only took 15 minutes to make! I didn't hem them because I just wasn't that ambitious and it doesn't really matter.

So, we took some before pictures with them all in white. I liked them this way and hated to dye them!

Then, came the dyeing. It went OK and we found that a good way to increase the ombre effect instead of having a distinct line between the white and color was to water down some dye and pour it across the skirt. Then, we sprayed it upwards with the hose.

The circle skirts were made with a different piece of fabric than the other skirts, and did not take the dye well at all. We left them in the bucket for a really long time, but they were just not absorbing the color. They were such a thin fabric that the girls had to wear bike shorts underneath them.

These were both dipped in blue dye. When I washed the circle skirts, the remaining color came out and they are white again. Lesson learned. Check the fiber content or test it out.

The red turned more pink, which I expected. I never have much luck with red Rit dye.

Not my best work but, overall, they were still cute. The girls mostly liked them (except one who wanted her skirt off to play even though I told her it was fine to play in it and get it dirty.) The blue bike shorts under the one skirt gave it a cute cotton candy effect. :)

Honestly, I kind of want an ombre dyed maxi skirt for myself now!

Link Parties where I sometimes hang out...

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Create In Me a Clean Heart Floral Canvas

I haven't fallen off of the face of the earth or anything. We are just in a busy season. This spring, we had girls on 2 softball teams and a soccer team, plus all of our regular work and farming stuff to do. It has been C R A Z Y!!!

So, as far as crafting goes, I am on a little bit of a painting kick. I got my sunroom all cleaned out and it is nice to hang around in there on sunny days- and the paint dries quickly! When I paint, I sneak away for a few minutes to put a coat on or do a few more details. I paint in little spurts and, unless I mess up, it is like a relaxing escape.

I am also focusing on decorating my own home right now! I have been in the process of changing my bathroom color scheme for a very long time. (Wow. I just thought about it and it has been about 3 years!) It used to be a hunter green color, but I couldn't find bath rugs or shower curtains to match. An older lady working at Boscov's told me that color was "out" so I figured I should change it up. I will try to do a full reveal when it is finished, but my towels are in a deep teal and dark plum color.

I used a 12" square canvas and painted on a portion of an appropriate verse:

Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.
Psalm 51:10

The floral design was inspired by french press mornings. She has a free printable weekly on her website HERE and a shop with beautiful prints for sale HERE.

My painting matches perfectly with my bathroom and I am happy with how it turned out. :)

Also, if you "like" my facebook page, I am showing some extra odds and ends that I have been doing there. For example, I first tried to make this canvas for the bathroom, but decided it didn't match as well as I wanted. Anyway, you can keep up with me a bit more over there. 

And, I promise that I will have something other than a canvas to blog about soon!

Friday, May 27, 2016

Romans 12:12 Canvas Word Art

Once a week or so, I write Bible memory verses on our dry erase board. A friend of mine suggested putting them on canvas, so I told her to choose a verse and I would make one for her to try it out.

This was my sketch on the dry erase board...

I rewrote it on paper and used carbon paper to trace over that and transfer it to the canvas. Then, I used a paint pen to write the letters, touching it up with black paint and a detail brush.

Then, we delivered it to her as soon as possible so that I would stop noticing and changing tiny details and the risk of my children destroying it would be eliminated.

Rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation, continuing steadfastly in prayer.
Romans 12:12

I have a feeling I will be doing a few more of these. :)