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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Well, the felt food thing really made my girls happy, so we made some more!
We made carrots in 3 sizes, so they can tell them apart. But, unless all 3 of them are present, they still don’t know and fights ensue. Ahh, the joys of summer vacation!These will have to do because our carrots never came up. :(
To make them I used this tutorial- super easy and great instructions! Thanks!
I need to pick up more felt colors for some of the other things they have requested. If anyone knows of an easy cupcake tutorial, I would love to check that out!
I am trying to give them little craft projects for more controlled messes. Anything to keep them out of trouble for a few minutes at this point! I hope everyone else is having a great summer vacation!


AMKreations said...

Love it! We weaved mats today...I'll have to post about it later. I need to rest for a bit...I'm tired!

Renee said...

Those carrots are so cute! I made a whole shopping bag of felt fruit and vegetables. Now just for someone to buy it ...

Jess said...

they turned out adorable! Love it!

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