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Monday, May 30, 2011

Flowers, Farm, Field Trip

I wanted to show off some of the pictures I took on Friday!

Some of my flowers...

Pink Peonies

I will only have a few this year since all the buds "magically" snapped off

Coral Bells

There is a long row of them.Purple Iris

Love the water droplets on this one!

Things growing on our little "farmette"...

Sour Cherries

They will be ripe about the same time as the baby, so I don't think I will can many this year.


They have finally moved outside to a temporary cage.


A few are already growing on the plants we got the other week.

And some pictures from the 1st grade field trip to Reptileland...


We saw lots of these!


He looks so bumpy! I just want to touch him!


They also had a butterfly house!

I got some really cool shots here, so I hope you like them!


Amaria said...

You are blessed, Lindsay! Thanks for sharing!

AMKreations said...

Lindsay, the photos are lovely! the colors so vibrant! I could get lost looking at them.

Reptile land...is that near Harrisburg? I'm wondering if we've passed it a couple times on our way to VA...when we go our alternative route. =)

Have a great day!

Christie Cottage said...

These ar grat photos! I have blooms on my tomatoes, but no tomatoes yet!

Happy Memorial Day!

sweetybird09 said...

I love the pictures, the coral bell is gorgeous, looks like the kids had fun at reptile land.

Have a nice day today.

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