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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lydia's Easter Dress

I was running out of time, so I again went over to craftinessisnotoptional for a quick rescue!  I used the tutorial she had just posted for the dress that she made her daughter for Easter (You can find it by clicking HERE!). 

I was going to make it sleeveless, but I gave up and just followed her directions.  I found that it was a little tricky under the arms,  but overall it went together pretty well.  And Lydia loves the sleeves!  She wanted to make sure she took her coat off when she wore the dress again at the doctor's office so that they could see her sleeves. =)

The night before Easter, I was unable to sleep after fixing button holes (I tried to do them on Mom's new machine since mine doesn't have an automatic feature and forgot to take the buttons- they were all too small). 

So, I was perusing around my pinterest board for hair accessory ideas and got sucked back into Jess's blog again.  I made these cute little felt flower clips to match (tutorial HERE).  The only difference was that I had to cut my own flowers out by hand.

So, thanks, Jess, for the big time save! =) 

This is her new picture smile.

She has no problem posing for pictures for me!
The spin-around model pic...
 So, tomorrow, I will (hopefully) be posting my own (before I ran out of time) tutorial for this cute bubble dress!


Pam said...

So, so sweet!!!

Alycia Morales said...

Aw, Lindsay. They're so sweet! What an awesome job you did on her dress!

Cheyenne said...

OH you, super momma with your five babies...I wish I lived approx nine zillion miles closer so I could hang out and sew with you...see your ca-ute babies face to face!

Anita said...

She's so cute with her little pigtails!!! The dress is so cute and I love the rosette's! =) Great job Mommy!

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

She is as sweet as sweet can be! Love her 'picture smile'. :) The dresses are adorable and so are the hair accessories! Great job Lindsay!

Renee said...

She looks so pretty in purple! I really like those hair clips you made! I had a picture of my kids when they were really little sitting out for Easter, and my daughter's comment was, "I can't you believe you put that ugly bow in my hair!"

Your girls will never say that when they look back at their pictures because you made them such nice hair accessories.