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Friday, August 22, 2014

Pink Lemonade First Birthday

My last baby is one year old. 

Yeah, I am tearing up a little just typing that.

Anywho... let's move on now. Since it was our last (sniff, sniff) first birthday I went all out! I have always wanted to do a pink lemonade theme and these silly kids keep going and getting their own opinions about things. This was probably my last chance.

We don't usually go "all out" for birthdays. Just our family and some cake, ice cream, and snacks. A pack of balloons and a little crepe paper if I feel ambitious. This time I put a little extra effort into the decorations, but only because they will be used in her nursery, too. We have parties in our sunroom since it is a large, open area. We actually set up picnic tables outside this time, but I kept the food inside. I just hung some pink balloons and yellow crepe paper (the other kids insist on this) and put some silk daisy bunches that I got on clearance at Joann's and Michaels in some clear vases.

pink lemonade first birthday party

On the windowsill I arranged some pink and yellow items like her first dress (yellow) and her first hat (pink).

pink lemonade first birthday party

pink lemonade first birthday party

I also mod podged some frames I already had and printed out THIS free printable from Daisy Cottage Designs.

yellow honeycomb frame

pink and yellow frames

I painted some wooden signs, too, just 'cause I am on a sign kick for my etsy shop and felt like it.

pink lemonade sign

pink lemonade first birthday party

pink lemonade first birthday party
Yeah, I am totally redoing that one...

Oh, and each month I have been taking her picture in a washbasket, so I clipped those on the wash line that already hangs out in my sunroom.

For the food I found lemon and strawberry cake mix at the store so I did a batch of each in cupcakes. Of course, I added sprinkles. Gotta' have sprinkles! 

pink lemonade first birthday party

Of course, there was ice cream, pink lemonade, regular lemonade, and other goodies. I also made striped jello in lemon and strawberry.

The most labor intensive thing I did for Hannah's birthday party was to make her a romper. I have wanted to make her one for awhile now and this was a good reason. I got the fabric at Joann's and I actually bought a pdf pattern. I am not going to source the pattern because I was not very happy with it and do not think that it was worth the money. The final product was still pretty cute, though!

pink and yellow baby romper

pink and yellow baby romper

yellow ruffle

I think it is too big, so maybe she will get to wear it some early next summer. The ruffles should be higher, too. Well, I learned some things anyway...

pink and yellow baby romper

pink and yellow baby romper

Here it is compared to the very first thing I sewed for her

Oh, it is so tiny!!!

Excuse me. I am gonna go cry and eat some more of the leftover ice cream now.

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Pam @Threading My Way said...

Oh Lindsay, your not so little baby looks ADORABLE in her new romper. It's disappointing when a pattern doesn't live up to expectations.

Sewing Mom said...

I love the party theme. I can't imagine having made the romper and fixed the mistakes like you did, but it looks adorable! I think this will be something she can look back to pictures of and realize how much her Mama loves her! Way to go.

Brie Firmingham said...

This is all just too adorable! You did an amazing job on all of it!

Renee said...

It looks like your little one had a great birthday! I still love that lemonade sign! The romper is really cute even though it wasn't exactly how you wanted it to be. A bought pattern usually has to be altered in some way to fit right but that's very hard to do for a child. She looks absolutely adorable!

Charity said...

Those first birthdays are hard! But first birthday for the last baby.... I don't even want to think about that one yet!
I love the decorations you put up for the party! And the romper fabrics are perfect for the pink-lemonade theme. =) It's too bad the pattern had some issues! Maybe you could take a deep horizontal tuck right above the top ruffle? That would make it short enough for her, although it would still be on the chunky side.

Sarah Vanderkooy said...

What a sweet party, I love the theme. Your little one is adorable, so glad you had a nice celebration.

T'onna Peters said...

Such a cute romper!

Annie said...

Lovely party! I love the romper and itty bitty baby dress, so sweet. When the pattern sizing is way off, it is very frustrating, but still a super adorable romper though! Suddenly I am wanting to make baby clothes ;)

Bethany Liv said...

Boo for the darn pattern that wasn't worth the money! But YAY for the adorable baby girl wearing it! =) Such a pretty party!!